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Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute (PGI-NRI)

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    This service enabling viewing the database of the Landslide Protection System, which contains information on landslides and hazard areas of the mass movements. The service uses the WMS OGC 1.3.0 interface.

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    The map depicts the superficial geology of Poland at 1:1000 000 scale, using the Coordinate System WGS84. It includes the following thematic layers: Geological units, Tectonics, Limits of Glaciation and basic topographic layers (administrative boundaries, drainage, settlements). The map was compiled as a contribution to the OneGeology Europe Project.

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    View service for Major Groundwater Reservoir Database. Database contains a classification of Major Groundwater Reservoirs according to the following criteria: resource utilisation, degree of anthropogenic transformations, resistance to contaminants, economic aspect of protective recommendations and water payment rates. The primary purpose of the new map of Major Groundwater Reservoirs is to present updated study results for Major Groundwater Reservoirs in Poland. A distinctive feature of the Major Groundwater Reservoir map developed by the Polish Geological Institute is its up-to-date information based on GIS layers (updated annually). The service complies with the INSPIRE View Service specification requirements. The service uses the WMS OGC 1.3.0 interface.

  • Service allows to download not harmonised data for Major Groundwater Reservoirs Database The service uses the WFS OGC 2.0.0 interface.